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  • Extra livianos, pesando solo 330g, confortables para vuelos extra largos.
  • Alta calidad de sonido.
  • Posee tecnología ANR.
  • Posee tecnología Bluetooth 5.0
  • Incluye un bolso semirrígido para un mejor cuidado de los fonos.

It is the result of UFQ R&D team's years hard work and continuous improvements.
But much lighter in weight,more comfortable,
much better for the bluetooth features than Other premium aviation headset.
We compared several big brands' bluetooth aviation headsets.
We are confident that UFQ bluetooth aviation headsets(adapters)
have the most powerful bluetooth features in the aviation headset market in the world!

If batteries low will still work as a ANR aviation headset
If batteries off will still work as a PNR avition headset!

UFQ aim at delivering maximum value to our customers for their investments and ensure that our clients get a high return on investment when they choose us!


If you fly very noisy airplane we suggest you choose our UFQ BT A28

as this headset with very good noise reduction for both ANR and PNR

Check this link

One of the best bluetooth features pilot headsets in the world!

Bluetooth aviation headset UFQ BT A7 bluetooth pilot headset it is the result of UFQ R&D team years hard working and continuous improvements.
Very light in weight and comfortable – ONLY 330g in weight.

Really great active noise canceling ANR function-The same Level with bose a20

1. One of the lightest bluetooth ANR aviation headsets in the world (only 330g).

2. Advanced reverse noise canceling technology, reducing up to 90% background noise.

3. Super comfortable for extended use,allowing you enjoy longer flights.

4. Amplified electret noise canceling microphone.

5. Enhanced high fidelity sound speaker system for crystal clear communication.

6. Great music sound quality with the new sound processing chip.
Enjoy music while you fly with great level quality Hi-Fi speakers.

7. Bluetooth 5.0 allows you to connect to two devices at the same time.
8. Enables you to use your Bluetooth cell phone and any music source wirelessly in the cockpit.

9. Supports mono and stereo intercoms.

10. Have a young girl's voice prompt.

11. NEW Modern design.

12. Dual volume controls for precise level control for each speaker.

13. Three types Audio Priority Modes.

AUTO: With incoming transmission, Bluetooth and Aux are muted,
and resumes after the transmission ends.

MIX: Aux and Bluetooth continue to play with the transmission.

OFF: Only transmissions are heard, Bluetooth and Aux are muted

14. USB type C external power source input,
to by pass batteries for power USB POWER Rated INPUT: 5.0V
With USB type C power source input, you can use together with Power bank so can last for MANY hours

15. Auto Shut-Off capability.

16. Low Battery Indicator and voice prompt.

17. Cellphone can show battery level when bluetooth is connected(Not suitable for all cellphones).

18. Two AA batteries provides 20-25 hours of continuous usage.

19. Bluetooth volume control has previous/next songs function,
When connected with the AUX line, this control can also control the volume of the AUX in audio.
20. Don't consume any battery power when power OFF
(Unlike some competitors' headsets still consume battery power when power OFF).

21. With 3.5 mm Aux input jack.

A Free good quality headset bag is included for each headset!

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